Sex Workers Meet in Kampala

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By Joshua Mutale.
Kampala sex workers have met to chat a way forward on what they call oppressive laws.
Among such laws include the Anti pornography law which they have appealed against since it was passed last year, Sec15 of the Equal opportunities Commission Act 2007 which prevents marginalised groups from accessing benefits provided under the Equal opportunities commission. They are also discussing the NGO draft bill now before parliament for review which these ladies say is very poisonous and seemingly intended to curtail the operation of some NGO’s like Women’s Organisation Network For Human Rights Advocacy (WONETHA).
According to Kyomukama Flavia the Programs manager at WONETHA, they will soon petition the constitutional court to block patliament from passing this bill because its very oppressive and tramples on the basic Human rights like feedom of assembly, speech among others.
” Goverment nolonger receives money from donor agencies since the Anti Homo law was passed and now such money is being chanelled to NGO’s and Government Envys them” Says Flavia.
During the meeting Some sex workers have burst into tear saying they are pushed into the business of the flesh by hurting economic conditions because government has neglected them.
“I lost all my parents, i have five siblings whom i look after and the only source of income is Sex trade, let government also help us. We are ready to try other jobs but we dont have government support” Said one of the sex workers as tears rolled down her face.


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