Quality Policy

Radio Simba Quality Policy Statement

We the staff and management of Radio Simba commit to being the best Luganda commercial radio station serving our listeners with quality music and entertainment and our advertisers with the largest audience available.

We commit to operate within the regulations in Uganda, maintaining the standard of management, and value for our customers while continuously improving the effectiveness of the QMS.

We shall train, maintain and establish a highly motivated staff who will ensure maximum satisfaction to our listeners by generating highest survey ratings, minimizing down time while increasing our market share and ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

We commit to maintain high level of the quality policy amongst our team through training and regular meetings/discussions in specific regard to the quality policy.

We commit to review the QMS for regular suitability and improvement to ensure long – term improvement.

Radio Simba Quality Objectives

To broadcast quality programmes with the highest rated radio shows, features, news, talent and be the first to play listeners favorite music.

To promote creativity and innovation by encouraging a smooth flow of ideas about our programmes, processes and systems.

To establish a monthly appraisal system that identifies needs and provides instant feedback about performance while ensuring that all staff are knowledgeable about standard broadcast/procedures.

To have quality performance standards those are measured and evaluated using internal audits.

To set up a real time score board that measures how well we are perceived by the community.

To ensure a hassle-free media buying experience for our advertisers using reliable customer feedback mechanism.

The quality objectives are controlled according to the Document and Data control procedure. Top management ensures that the quality policy is communicated and understood by all employees and that the policy is implemented throughout the company.

Management will maintain an environment of continual improvement and empower our employees to achieve success in both individual performance and teamwork.

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