NRM Youth Demonstrate against Mbabazi In Kampala

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A group of NRM members have held a peaceful demonstration on Kampala Streets expressing their support to President Yoweri Museveni in the 2016 polls.

While as kampala is a no go area for any form of demonstrations including peaceful one’s, this group of about 30 youth have walked through the city center to NRM secretariat located on plot 48 Kyadodo road untouched by police as they carried yellow posters with Amama Mbabazi’s portrait with a big red cross running across the portrait. 

They have walked shouting and singing songs of praise and slogans to Yoweri Museveni and many others castigating former secretary general Amama Mbabazi who has expressed his interests to contest for president on NRM ticket come 2016.

The group has included Youthfull boys and girls, as well as women and men who claimed to be NRM Museveni Supporters from across the country.

Some claimed were from Tororo, kampala, Mbale, Soroti , Mbarara among others.

They matched to NRM secretariat at Kyadondo Road and presented a petition to the deputy party Secretary General Richard Twodong.

Ld by Bruhan Takar the NRM youth chairperson central division these youth have asked the party top organ to discipline Mbabazi for what they term as disuniting the party.

“We have walked all the way from Kafumbe Mukasa Road where our offices are based to come and deliver our petition. We are not against any political rights of a party member but we want the party constitution to be respected,” Bruhan Takar the NRM youth chairperson central division said.

Twodong has assured the group that their petition will be presented to the party Central Executive.

“I don’t have the supreme powers to decide on your opinions and request here in the petition but i assure you that i am going to give it to the relevant authorities with in the NRM structures for appropriate action”Tadwong has said.

By Joshua Mutale.


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