Buganda Launches Own Beer Brand

2016 is seemingly a good year for Buganda Kingdom as the year has been started with the launch of an  official Buganda Beer ‘Engule Beer’.

Infront of the Kabaka of Buganda, the Katikkiro of Buganda, Mr. Charles Peter Mayiga announced that Mengo was launching a beer named Engule Beer.

This Was at the new years event in Lubiri on 31 December 2015/16. The Katikkiro told the audience to make Engule their favorite beer from now on. He added, “Omwana omulenzi nga anakyaala ewa Ssenga, mu birabo byatwaala nga tanaba kugenda kwanjula, kulina okubaako keesi ya Ngule. Mu kubatiza, kulina [okubaako] keesi ya Ngule”. (“When a young man who is courting a young woman makes a customary visit to her paternal aunt, the gifts he takes must in include a case of Ngule. Whenever there is a baptism, there should be a case of Engule beer.” Kabaka Mutebi did not speak at this year’s event.

Mr. Mayiga, who by now seemed to have a little trouble pronouncing some Luganda words, turned to Kabaka Mutebi and said, “Ssaabasajja Kabaka, otwenge batuleese wano, mwenna muntunulire, ngenda okulega ku Ngule mbabulire obuwomi bwe” (“Ssaabasajja Kabaka, they have brought the drink, I want all of you to watch me as I drink some of it and then tell you how good it is”).

Before taking the beer drink, Mr. Mayiga introduced the gentleman pouring the beer in a glass as Mr. Mark Mugisha, the brewer of Buganda’s official beer and the lady holding the glass.

Sources says that this marks the start of the long journey of inveatements and job creation which the Kabaka has for long been talking about. However its is not yet clear whether Buganda owns the beer comapany or Its a patnership with a private company.

Upon pronouncement of the Buganda official beer, revellera shouted in appreciation as many of them raised up high Bottles and small containers of Local the local Buganda brew.

By Joshua Mutale.

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