91% Of Ugandan Children don’t have a chance to get Nursery Education.

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A new report shows that 91% of Uganda’s children are not accessing nursery education.

This is contained in the 2014 annual report on the state of Equal oppotunities in uganda released today.

An analysis in this report shows that 39% Early Childhood development centres(nursery schools) are located in the central region alone while the North-Eastern region has only 3% hence leavingout children in other regional without any chance to get early childhood eduction

The report shows that there are 18,079 primary schools in uganda of which 51% are located in buganda, Ankole, and Busoga while karamoja , Acholi, Bukedi, Elgon, Lango and Teso have the least share of schools and have most uneducated population.

Its aganist such that officials at the Equal Opotunities Commmision are calling for an urgent holistic efforts for government to hugely invest in education to create a balance in all regions.

The report has been launched at Hotel Africana in Kampala.

The annual Equal opotunities report highlights the perfomance of the commision and covers the state of access to equal oppotunities in Uganda in four thematic areas Namely Health, Education,Governance and Employment.

By Joshua Mutale


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