Suspected ADF leader Jamil Mukulu Paraded before the press

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Uganda Police inspector general Gen Kale kaihura has paraded the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) suspected leader Jamil Mukulu.
Mukulu dressed in a red shirt and a brown trouser has been brought into a press room at Nalufenya police in the Eastern District Of Jinja amidst very tight security.
Mukulu appears psychologically worn out though physically strong. He has been seen moving his mouth seemingly praying to Allah.
Jamil Mukulu was arrested a month ago, arraigned before the Tanzania court but the court thought otherwise and extradited him back home Uganda.
Uganda claims that Mukulu committed most offences in Uganda and should be tried here.
While parading the suspected Jamil mukulu, the inspector Of Police Gen kale kaihura has said that it should be a happy moment for Ugandans that Mukulu is arrested and is here to be tried for justice.
Kaihura has told journalists that the Ugandan courts are free of bias and competent enough to hand Mukulu justice> Before his extradition to Uganda, Mukulu and his lawyers had asked the Tanzania court not to hand him over to Uganda because he would not get justice at all.
“I am not convicting him but information available shows that Mukulu and his ADF have been killing our Muslim leaders among other murders in the country” says kaihura.
I want to assure the country that Mukulu’s arrest means that ADF is summarily finished.
We will keep you posted.
By Joshua Mutale.


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