Court summons Miniter Kamya

The High court in Kampala has summoned the Minister in-charge of Kampala City Betty Olive Kamya to appear on the 24th/April 2018 and be cross-examined on allegations that she is interfering with the executive powers of the Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago. 

The summons have been issued by Justice Henrietta Wolayo upon a request by Lukwago’s lawyer Chrysostom Katumba.

However the judge has ordered both Kamya and Lukwago to first exhaust avenues of settling their differences out of court and if they fail, the case goes through a full trial on the 24th/April 2018.

Lukwago dragged Kamya to court while accusing her of illegally passing-off as the political head of the city whereas she was not the one elected by people’s mandate.

Lukwago claims his mandate to serve as the duly elected mayor of the city has been usurped by Kamya who even took a decision on the 23rd / January 2018 to suspend council meetings where deliberations and decisions on how to govern the city are made.

According to court documents, Kamya stalled the council meetings on grounds that they are illegal and no longer relevant to the city, a decision that Lukwago describes as irrational and unreasonable.

In his petition, Lukwago seeks orders to quash Kamya’s decision regarding the legality of Council meetings and another decision that subjects all his travels as the Lord Mayor to a “ministerial permit”.

Lukwago claims such decisions are an infringement and abuse of his rights and freedoms.

Through his own law firm of Lukwago and company advocates, Lukwago contends that unless court intervenes and restrains Kamya from making such irrational decisions and passing-off as the Lord Mayor, the sovereignty of the people of Kampala will be put in jeopardy and hence forth affect the social contract he made with his voters in May 2016.

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