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As you read this story the hunter is hunted.
Police is hunting for its own male driver names withheld for investigations purposes to substantiate on allegations that he has been selling police fuel each time he is assigned duty with a police Bus.
This after a police Bus registration number UP 2320 was photographed draining fuel from the police Bus into a Jerrycan and since then the photograph of the Bus has gone viral on social media and raising concerns among critical taxpayers who view this waste of their hard earned money.
In the picture, the Police Bus Driver is seen busy pretending to make a call just next to the Bus fuel tank, as his fellow steals fuel from the police Bus.
Sources privy to police operation guidelines have told us that it’s not possible that the Police Could have been Refilling from a Jerry can because all police Vehicles refuel at Only Designated Fuel stations within the Police stations.
“For example in Kampala police vehicles refuel at a fuel station within CPS, Fire Brigade headquarters, Police Baracks Nsamba and Shell Capital among others’ the Source told us.
However our efforts to get a comment from the Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga have proved futile because his known public Phone line has been off pointing to another crisis. Imagine if we were calling for emergency help?
BY Joshua Mutale


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