Police assures Kiggundu of safety amid death threats.

Police has assured the Electoral Commission
boss Badru Kigundu of full security following
threats on his life. Kigundu at the weekend
during the closure of the three-day second
annual Buganda Youth Conference said he had
been receiving messages from unspecified
people threatening to harm him.
Kigundu said the youth threatening his life are
being used by older politicians who want to
disrupt the election process.
However, Commandant of Very Important
Persons Protection Unit, Elias Kasirabo says
Kigundu is very well protected with residential,
motorised, overt and covert security. He
rubbishes the threats as a mere intimidation ploy
noting that if they wanted to harm the EC boss,
they would not warn him. He sternly warns
anyone attempting to tamper with Kigundu’s

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