Over 12 Pick Pocketers Arrested During Idd Prayers in Kampala

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Police at Old kampala is holding in custody 12 suspected pick pockers all arrested from Ghadafi Mosque the seat of the Uganda muslim supreme council.
These according to Police have been nabbed as they stole valuables like shoes, walets, bags, among others from the believers during Idd prayers.
Unfotunately some of the arrested include 5 men smartly dressed like Muslims with Islamic Names though our reporter could not clearly confirm if they are Muslims.
Old kampala DPC Emmanuel Ochamuringa has confirmed the arrest adding that he has deployed adequately to ensure law and order.
However a one Isa Matovu has almost flexed with the police At Ghadafi after the police could not trace for his bag which he had kept at the police for safe custody.
“When i was entering these police men checked me thoroughly but they advised me to leave my bag with them for custody for fear that it could be a security threat, but here i am after prayers am asking them for my bag they are telling me that they cantbsee it are they thieves” Isa has narrated.
His bag allegedly contained a Laptop, pasport, car keys and money among other valuable items.
These will be charged of criminal tresspass and thefty according to old kampala police boss Ochamuringa Emmanuel.
One of the suspects however in in bad shape after the crown pounced on him and thumped him, his Muslim dressing is all torn,stained with blood and a swollen face.
By Joshua Mutale.


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