Omutaka Nelson Nkalubo Ssebugwawo Grand father to Buganda Queen Nabagereka HAS DIED

Omutaka Nelson Nkalubo Ssebugwawo the grand farther to the Queen of Buganda Syliva Naginda Nabagereka has died.
The deceased has died at the age of 103 years after battling sickness for some time.
Omutaka Nelson Nkalubo was once the chief treasurer of Buganda kingdom and also the katikiro of the Mussu clan.
According to Buganda kingdom Spokesperson Sam Dick kasolo has told us that his body now lies at his home in Nkumba along Entebe road.
“The cause of his death is highly suspected to be old age coupled by shock of the death of his grand child a daughter to the Mayor of Owek. Sebugwawo whom died last week” said Dick kasolo.
He adds that burial arrangements are ongoing but according to preliminary arrangements he might be laid to buried on Tuesday this week.

Often when people pass on, they are quickly forgotten because few people care to keep record of their lives and achievements. When they die, their story ends there.

Ssebugwawo, however, is different. His autobiography is already written in his 39-page book entitled “My life, begins with a 21-year-old Ssebugwawo, who had just buried his father in 1933 and named his heir.
In his book the deceased highlighted his marriage to his first wife, Kasalina Namayaza, which was arranged by his uncle Nnyondo, who was a friend of the girls father, Chief Matayo Lukiza.

The late Ssebugwawo wrotes that he had seen the girl at Gayaza High school while he was a student in Budo and was impressed by her beautiful face and legs.

He was not asked for dowry and he thinks he would not have afforded it because he had just completed school and had no money. They were wed in 1936 at Namirembe Cathedral and were blessed with 13 children.

Ssebugwawo was born in 1912 in Nnalya, Kyadondo to Omutaka Saul SsebugwawoMudduagonda and Zabeti Nankya. He had nine siblings and two of his seven sisters, Catherine Kimbowa and Dorothy Nabankema, were married to Kabaka Chwa.

He studied at Nkumba day school, Mengo High school and Kings College Budo, before joining Namutamba Farm school top study agriculture.
He inherited his father’s position of parish chief and was promoted to sub-country chief. In 1950, he was appointed a junior judge in the kingdom, before joining politics. Ssebugwawo served as a chief for several counties.

He played a significant role in the London conference and preparations for the election of the first Ugandan president.

His favourite car is a Benz which he drove until seven years ago.

Ssebugwawo donated the land on which Nkumba University and Nkumba primary school stand today. He was one of the delegates who represented Buganda in the drafting of the 1962 constitution and was also a finance minister in the Buganda Government.

In the 1970s, he opened up a night club and a restaurant in Entebbe.
His secret to a long life has been staying away from alcohol.

By Joshua Mutale

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