Mubaje appointed to international supreme council of muslem leaders.

The Mufti of Uganda, Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan
Mubaje, has been appointed to the International
Supreme Council of Muslim Leaders whose
secretariat is based in Egypt.
The council brings together Muftis from 21
countries who will serve until they either resign
or die. However, a member who misses three
consecutive meetings without a sound reason
will automatically be dropped from the council.
The International Supreme Council of Muslim
Leaders is charged with issuing universally
binding Islamic pronouncements known as
Speaking shortly after returning from the
conference that was underway last week, Sheikh
Shaban Mubaje said universally binding Fatwas
issued by the International Supreme Council will
counter the controversial Islamic
pronouncements issued by unrecognised clerics.
He said terrorists operating in different parts of
the world justify their actions using controversial
Islamic pronouncements that are not based on
sound Islamic proofs.

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