Mbabazi meets NRM mobilizers

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Former prime minister John Patrick Amama Mbabazi is meeting a group of NRM mobilizers who claim to be the poor youth of NRM.

Chanting songs of praise the NRM poor youth numbering to about 40 all donned in NRM yellow t-Shirts bearing Hon Amama Mbabazi’s portrait have been welcomed by Jacqueline¬† Mbabazi who the youth openly referred to as “first lady”
Mbabazi is possibly inside the house resting and out side the youth l;ed by Kire Kyankuba are chanting slogans encouraging Mbabazi to stand for presidency come 2016 as the NRM candidate.

“Amama is the only person we trust in NRM, so pro people, understanding and well visioned to take this country to another step which Museveni has failed” says Kirekyankuba their leader.

The youth have been briefly blocked at the gate from entering Mbabaziz’s home over what the security guards said was an impromptu visit and necessitated clearance from Amama which he did in a bout 20 minutes after consultations.

Despite repeated pleas from sections of people that he should contest for presidency in 2016 on NRM ticket, Mbabazi remains so tight lipped on whether he will or not but unimpeachable sources say that Mbabazi might declare his political interests for presidency a few days to the nomination day for presidential candidates.

We will keep you updated on the latest development on this story.
By Joshua Mutale 


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