Lokodo denies reports of not attending plenary

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Minister for Ethics and Integrity Fr. Simon Lokodo, has refuted media reports that he is among those MPs who sign the attendance book and do not attend plenary. Yesterday, the deputy speaker of parliament, Jacob Oulanya suspended the house for 10 minutes to raise quorum for members to decide on the income tax amendment bill but on taking
roll call, out of the 174 members who had signed in the book, 54 had disappeared. He warned that parliament would take action against the lawmakers who sign in the attendance book but leave without performing any business in parliament. This time, they will have to explain themselves. The house requires 125 mps to decide on the matter. Some of the mps who had signed and left include Former attorney general, Peter Nyombi, Fr Simon Lokodo -the ethics minister, Kaffero Ssekitoleko-
Nakifuma county , Ogwang Peter-youth eastern mp , Balyejusa Sulaiman-Budiope east, Mpima Dorothy woman representative- Buikwe district, Jim Muhwezi- information minister, Mubito John Bosco-Budiope west,Gilbert Bukenya -Busiro North and Khiddu Makubuya former justice minister among others.


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