Donate Blood To Save Lives.

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Whitelines Education Services Limited, Uganda’s leading school travel company and Rainbow International School Uganda have conducted a blood donation drive in Kampala,in an effort to increase the volume of blood at Nakasero Blood Bank.

The blood donation drive has been onging at the School. This is an annual event aimed at addressing the shortage of blood in the country.

According to World Health Organisation (WHO),Uganda needs about 300,000 units of blood annually although 170,000 are collected annually.

“The blood we are collecting today will be used in in hospitals to save lives of;pregnant mothers, cancer patients, sicklers, accident victims, people requiring surgical procedures, among others,” Mr Oscar Ofumbi, Managing Director, Whitelines Education Services said at the blood drive.
The drive is aimed at raising 500 units of blood up from 300 unites last year.

Every year, Uganda Blood Transfusion Service collects up to 200,000 units of blood of which 60% of this goes to children, pregnant mothers, cancer patients, sicklers, accident victims and people living with HIV/AIDs.

Whitelines Education Services’ CSR programme involves distribution of scholastic materials to UPE Schools, offering free transport to students. The company also supports efforts to reduce youth unemployment, the school libray challenge and any other efforts to improve the quality of education in the country.
As part of this effort, Whitelines Edcuation Service handed over 10 boxes of minral water to be used by the donors and support staff of Uganda Blood Transfusion Services (UBTS).


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