CMI boss to sue BBC.

The chieftaincy of Military Intelligence boss,
Brig. Charles Bakahumara is considering suing
the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC for
defamation. This follows last week’s reports by
the media house that Uganda government
procured spy equipment that uses an intrusion
malware to infect the communications devices
of key opposition leaders and media.
Bakahumura rubbishes the allegations and says
Uganda has never procured such equipment nor
has his office communicated the need for it to
the president. He also says that the letter shown
in the BBC report allegedly written by him to the
president about the secret operation code
named; Fungua Macho, does not have his rightful
signature and that the one on it is a fabrication.
Last week, BBC aired a story basing on a report
by human rights ‘watchdog’ organization, the UK-
based Privacy International Ltd, focused on
privacy intrusions by governments, which
revealed that the spy programme; ‘Fungua
Macho’ was spearheaded by officials of the
Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence and Uganda
Police Force to spy on opposition leaders.

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