5 Constitutional Court justices to preside over the age-limit petition

A panel of 5 Constitutional Court justices to preside over the age-limit petition hearing in Mbale has been named this morning. 

The panel is comprising of the Deputy chief justice Alfonse -Owiny Dollo as the lead judge while others are justices; Remmy Kasule, Elizabeth Musoke ,Kenneth Kakuru and Cheborion Barishaki.

However the petition hearing date has been changed from the 4th/April to the 9th / April/ 2018 which date has been chosen to be convenient to all parties involved in the case. 

DCJ Dollo has announced both the panel and new changes in the case today in a second conferencing  meeting with the concerned parties. 

However regarding complaints about the venue of the hearing, the Deputy Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny Dollo maintains, there is nothing unlawful or un constitutional for the court to sit in  Mbale to preside over a petition. 

Court on Tuesday last week consolidated all the 7 petitions challenging the age-limit law which lifted the maximum presidential age -limit cap from 75 into one.

The litigants that earlier  included ;The Uganda Law society, 6 opposition MPs and a  one Male Mabirizi among others are asking the Constitutional court to annul the age-limit law which extended the years of a person contesting for the office of the president of Uganda to above 75.


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