Mukula’s Chopper to appear at all Museveni’s rallies.

Soroti Municipality Member of Parliament Capt
Mike Mukula in his initiative to ensure NRM’s
President Museveni retains power has been flying
his chopper to all rallies from Luweero to
Nakaseke and Naksongola.
He says it is the least he could give the
incumbent to canvas for votes.
Mukukula says the yellow chopper which is
donned with Museveni’s posters will be seen at
every campaign rally till the last day on 16th
February 2016.
Mukula says this is how far the country has
come from using bicycles to look for votes to
using choppers.
This is not the first time choppers are being used
for campaigns.
In Tanzania, President John Magufuli had 8
whereas Lowasa had 4 choppers.
In Kenya, Cord leader Raila Odinga has bought
two choppers in preparation for the 2017 General

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