Kasokoso Land belongs to National Housing- M7

President Yoweri Museveni who is the NRM presidential flag bearer in next week’s february 18 general election,   has assured the residents of Kasokoso village in Kireka Parish, Wakiso district that he will look into addressing the issue of their settlement on the disputed land of National Housing and Construction Corporation (NHCC).

“When your child gets pregnant without being married, you do not kill the grandchild. The grandchild is a grandchild. Therefore, I am going to look into your matters so that I see this grandchild who did not go through marriage,” he said.

The President told Kasokoso residents yesterday that the land on which they are living is the property of the National Housing and Construction Corporation but because of the past political instabilities in the country, NHCC was unable to develop the place by establishing houses there.

He observed that the people who are currently living on that piece of land occupied it without any permission from the NHCC.

Early last year 2015 March, Kasokoso was a battle zone as the residents went to the streets to protest the then eviction order by National housing and construction Company, which resulted into blood shed but was later temporarily halted pending negotiations between the two parties.

By Joshua Mutale

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