Y.K Museveni welcoming converts from FDC

Every District to get road Construction Equipment Say M7

The NRM Party 2016 Presidential flag bearer in the forthcoming general elections Yoweri Museveni has promised to procure road construction equipment for each district if re-elected in the up-coming general elections.
President Museveni who was speaking at a campaign rally held at Boma grounds in Kitgum Municipality, Kitgum district on Sunday said that government would procure the equipment from Japan. He said that Municipalities in the country would get their own equipment to maintain their roads.
“We shall buy a grader, road compactor, a wheel loader, a water boozer, a bull dozer and two tippers so that each district has the capacity to maintain their own roads. The bull dozers will also be used to build valley dams in the districts,” he said.
On education, Mr. Museveni said that Kitgum has more schools than it did during his time at Ntare School in Mbarara. “When I went to Ntare, there were many students from Acholi. Sir Samuel Baker School was the only secondary school in the region and it only had O’level. When you hear that Kitgum has eight government aided schools, it is very big progress,” he said.
Kitgum district has 126 Primary Schools and 19 Secondary Schools. Mr.Museveni also promised to build more secondary schools in the Sub Counties that do not have them. “Our policy is to have a secondary school per sub-county and a primary school per a parish,” he said.
Candidate Museveni also promised to build more fertilizer factories to improve the quality and quantity of the farmers’ produce so that they can earn more money. “We are already building a big fertilizer factory in
Tororo and another one near Lake Albert so that farmers can harvest more,” he said.
On health, he noted that government had contained the nodding disease in the Acholi area and also encouraged the residents of Kitgum to support government programs like immunization against hepatitis B.
A group of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) supporters also crossed over to the NRM Party at the rally and have been received by the NRM chairperson Y.K. Museveni who a,so poised for a group photograph with them.
By Joshua utale.

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