Mbabazi says Uganda is a police state

My arrest is a sign of regresion not the democracy we worked for.

Uganda is a police state where the police force is directly used by President museveni to retain himself in power.

How can you have a partisan police in a political enviroment he says.

All this is what i have come to fight and by february when we win the election change of police will be mu priority he says.

I am a lawyer without any shadow of doubt in my undestanding where does police get preventive arrest? They have put me under preventive arrest, how?There is no law in uganda that supports prevebtive arrest this is a sham He says.

Mbabazi is adressing Journalists at his home in kololo.

We will keep you posted.


Amama Mbabazi Released

Presidential hopefull John Patrick Amama Mbabazi has been released after spending over 7 hours in detentuon at kira roaad police.

He has been charged with disobediance of “lawfull orders” and realeased on caution.

He has been released in darkness after the police at Kira road switched off all lights pissibly to ensure that no photographs are taken.

After his released a group of goons wielding stick under the the protection of police.

These thugs had earlier been cited being offloaded from a boda boda 2010 Ambulace that has parked at kira road police since 4pm.

By Joshua Mutale