Omusajja akubye omwana we emiggo n’amutta .

Ennaku esaanikidde abatuuze ku kyalo Buyiiya mu Disitulikiti ye Mubende , omusajja bw’agudde ku katabani ke ak’emyaka 12, n’akakuba emiggo egikatutte ekalannamo.

Kyambadde Jimmy myaka 40, asanze katabani ke Ssenyonjo Aloysious  nga katambuddeko  , era bwekakomyewo kitaawe waako n’akakuba mizibu mbu tekalina kutaayaaya ku kyalo .

Enduulu bw’evuze ennyo abatuuze ne bajja okudduukirira , nebagezaako okuddusa omwana ono mu ddwaliro lya Gavumenti e Mubende bw’atyo n’afa nga bamutuusa mu ddwaliro.

Aduumira Police mu bitundu bya Mubende , Alex Wabwire  akakasizza kino era n’omusajja akwatiddwa nga kati atemeza mabega wa mitayimbwa.

IGP Kale kayihura is a happy man The Pope is Safe

The Inspector general of Police Gen. Kale kaihura says he is very excited that the there haven’t been any major security threats registered during the Popes entire stay in Uganda.

“I am extremely happy and we are blessed that there have been no major Incidents, look even the pick picketers feared the pope and behaved” said kayihura on Sunday afternoon.

Kayihura ha said this while addressing the press at Entebbe Airport shortly after the Pope left.

The IGP says that the Pope’s visit has symbolized the strength of Uganda as a united country.

“When the Popes pay much attention to Uganda is like paying tribute to the values of Sacrifice, martyrdom and by extension in all spheres of life and therefore its energizing to everybody and uniting” said kayihura.

He has further commended that joint security apparatus for the job well-done.

By Joshua Mutale

Pope Safely arrives in Central African republic After Uganda.

Pope Francis who has ended his three days visit to Uganda on Sunday morning has arrived in the Central African Republic, a country torn apart by violence between Muslim rebels and Christian militias, on the last leg of his African tour.

There have been concerns about the pope’s safety ahead of his visit.

The Pope has said he is determined to bring a message of peace and hope to a country where elections are due to be held next month.

This is the third and last leg of his trip after visiting Uganda and Kenya.

During his visit, the pontiff will celebrate Mass in the capital, Bangui, but is also expected to meet Muslim leaders and visit a mosque in the city’s Muslim enclave, known as PK5.

By Joshua Mutale