Gulu water turns yellow

National water and Sewerage Corporation has denied reports of contaminated water in the pipes in the Northern district of Gulu. Gulu residents had expressed concern after their tap water turned yellow. However, the P.R.O National Water Apedel Samuel says they dispatched a quality assessment team on ground to take and taste samples to verify people’s complaints. The water and Sewerage Corporation maintains that their piped water is safe.

Museveni commends Acholi people for massive production of coffee

President Yoweri Museveni has commended the people of Omoro County in particular and Acholi Sub-Region in general, for embarking on massive production of coffee, a cash crop whose growing was, in the colonial days, a preserve of only some regions in Uganda, denying others immense wealth.
The President was launching the growing of coffee and cassava at a colorful ceremony organized by the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, the Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanya at Lalogi Sub-County headquarters in Omoro County, Gulu district. Mr. Museveni launched the coffee production by handing over seedlings to farmers from Idobo Parish in Lalogi Sub-County.

Parliament legal committee receives proposals from CCG on constitutional amendment bill

Parliament’s Legal affairs committee is this afternoon receiving proposals from Center for Constitutional Governance (CCG) on constitutional Amendment Bill 2015. Among the proposals presented, CCG suggests the removal of UPDF from parliament, and a reduced role of the Police in electoral process, which makes them partisan. CCG also proposes the abolishment of the death penalty. The group that is appearing before parliament this afternoon has noted that the change in name of the Electoral Commission should not just be a cosmetic change, but appointments through public transparent process and that the Chairperson of the EC be a person qualified to be a Justice of the Supreme Court. CCG also suggests the Judicial Service Commission should be given the mandate over the EC