Kagina pledges to streamline procurement and reduce corruption at UNRA

Uganda National Roads Authority will have to streamline procurement systems, lower the actual costs per kilometer of road construction, enhance maintenance and stop corruption.

These, among others, form a pack of pledges that Allen Kagina, UNRA’s new Executive Director has made at a news conference in Kampala.

Kagina, takes over the helm of the key sector which consumes nearly 20% of the national budget, but has been clouded in controversy around its weak governance. 

Okukebera enkalala z’abalonzi kwongezeddwayo

Akakiiko k’ebyokulonda nate kongezzaayo okwekebejja enkalala z’abalonzi okubadde kukomekerezebwa olwaleero. 

Guno mulundi gwakubiri nga akakiiko kongezaayo ennaku, okusobozesa bannayuganda abaagala okwenyigira mu kulonda okujja okukakasa oba nga ddala amannya gabwe kwegali ku nkalala .

Bbo abali ku mulimu guno bategeezezza nga bwebafunye abantu abangi olwaleero okusinga kubweguze gubeera.

Kinkizi Bishop asks Museveni and Mbabazi to reconcile

The Bishop of the Kinkizi Diocese the Rt. Rev Dan Zoreka has called for a reconciliation between President Yoweri Museveni and the Former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi saying it would help the future of the country.

The Bishop made these remarks during the on going preparations for the weeklong celebrations to mark 100 years of Christianity in Kinkizi.

President Yoweri Museveni is expected to attend as the Chief Guest while Former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi is the Head of the Organizing Committee.

The army responds to new report; Congo’s Conflict Gold Rush

The Army spokesperson, Lt. Col Paddy Ankunda has responded to a new report implicating Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) officials in illicit gold trade in the DR Congo saying that the army takes these allegations seriously. Ankunda promises cooperation in investigating further allegations of UPDF officers’ involvement in this trade. He also urges leaders of Enough Project, a Washington-based NGO that compiled the report to avail sufficient evidence that can help UPDF in investigations. A new report by the NGO incriminates UPDF and officials at Entebbe Airport for reaping from illicit gold trade from DR Congo enroute to United Arab Emirates (UAE), Turkey and Egypt, escalating chaos in eastern Congo. The report titled: Congo’s Conflict Gold Rush indicates that beneficiaries from this trade in turn finance armed rebel outfits operating essentially in eastern DRC, which is known for vast mineral wealth.