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Amama Mbabazi arrives in Mbale

The former Prime minister and NRM Secretary general now a presidential hopeful John Patrick Amama Mbabazi has successful arrived in Mbale without being molested by police as was the case earlier.
Mbabazi is in Mbale for his first round of consultative meetings after the first of its kind was blocked by police last month and was also detained for an day.
He has made several stop overs and briefly addressed his waiting supporters.
Mbabazi has arrived at 12:30 this afternoon amidst chants and ululations from his supporters who have been waiting for him on the streets in Mbale town.
Police has beefed up his security fencing around him to ensure his safety , law and order.
He is expected to meet veterans, and Bugisu farmers under Bugisu cooperative union before addressing a general rally at cricket grounds in Mbale town and head to kapchorwa for another rally tomorrow.
By Simba Team