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Pan Dental Surgery Celebrates 20 years of Quality service.

It has been pomp and Mary making at Buganda road as the staff of Pan dental Surgery a leading dental hospital celebrated 20 years of outstanding dentistry service.

In celebration of the 20 years of excellent service, staff of Pan Dental hospital led by their Boss Dr Tom Mutyabule have chosen to host guests for a thanks-giving ceremony at Pan Dental premises along Buganda road.

The Bishop of Namirembe diocese Luwalira kityo has led the thanks giving prayers for Pan Dental surgery.

“ I want to commend Pan Dental Surgery for your exceptional serves to God’s people. My presence here is a great sign that pan dental Surgery is superlative, may the good lord continue guiding and rewarding you in the process of your work,” said Bishop Luwalira.

Speaking at the ceremony, the proprietor of Pan dental Surgery Dr Tom Mutyabule has said that the 20 years of excellent service are a great landmark.

He revealed that Pan Dental Surgery now boasts of latest  Technology Dentistry Equipment citing the 3D Dental Scan which he say can help offer quality Dentistry service to Ugandans.

“Above all the state of the art Dentistry equipment we have at Pan Dental Surgery has helped us reduce on the patients time wasted, gone are the days when a patient would be here for two days to get a tooth repair or replacement , it now takes us about one hour, very accurately and perfectly done” said Dr Tom.

Dr Tom Mutyabule has pledged continued quality service.

In February 2015 Dr Tom Mutyabule become the first East African member of the International Society of Computerized Dentistry an international body that governs all practitioners and trainers of computerized dentistry across the globe.

By Joshua Mutale.