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DP Main Faction Endorse Mao For Joint Opposition Canditature

Officials in the Democratic Party (DP) one of the oldest political parties in Uganda say they have finalized plans to register the Party President Norbert Mao as one the candidates they want to hold flag of the Alliance in the forthcoming Presidential Elections.
This has come at the time when the different Political Parties that form the alliance are in preparations to field candidates from which the alliance will elect a flag bearer to compete with President Museveni.

Addressing the party’s weekly press conference at the City House in Kampala, the DP Deputy Spokesperson Alex Waiswa says with the experience Mao has in the politics of this country, he’s the only candidate fit to hold the alliance flag.

Waiswa has meanwhile attacked UPC for the stringent conditions they put across the TDA leadership in order to remain in the alliance.
By Kayanja Arnest