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Buganda kingdom to Exhibit Ancient Royal Household Items.

Buganda kigndom ministry for Tourism says at this year’s tourism expo the kingdom will exhibit ancestral household items such as plates, saucepans, bedding, hoes and so on that the forefathers used to use at their homesteads.

The expo officially opens this Sunday at Lubiri in Mengo.

The kingdom minister for Tourism Oweki Irene Namyalo has told reporters in Mengo that it’s important that the current generation get to know the kind of utensils and other items that their ancient fathers used in their lives.
She says that the tourism expo has attracted over 200 exhibitors.
Namyalo also recognizes that the tourism expo will be sparked off by activities on the Kabaka’s lake and a delegation of swimmers from the United States has already arrived to participate in these activities.
By Nasser Kayanja