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The kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has opened the 23rd Buganda Lukiiko session with key concern to the current wave of murders in Buganda.

The Kabaka who has been welcomed by the Buganda premier Katikiro Charles peter Mayiga at the start of his speech has reminded members of the Lukiiko that Buganda development plans should be implemented fully and not simply end on paper.

“When I opened the previous year’s Lukiiko we agreed that good ideas must not simply be spoken of or written on paper but implemented, I am glad that Masengere and Masiro can emphasize this.

His highness Ronald Muwenda Mutebi has however expressed sadness by the increased murders in Buganda which he says contravenes not only the Buganda Culture but an inhuman act.

“we strongly condemn the ongoing murders in Buganda especially targeting Children, girls and women to the extent that Parents can no longer leave their children to play alone in communities, I urge all of you and all relevant authorities to fight and end these murders” the Kabaka has said.

The kabaka has also expressed worry over the modern-day slavery and human trafficking of Ugandans especially girls and women to foreign countries promising them work but instead they are turned into sex slaves and other in human treatment.

“I urge all the youth and parents to be very vigilant not to be hoodwinked by some unscrupulous people who want to traffic you promising greener pastured abroad yet not. In Buganda we are re-energizing our poverty alleviation programs to ensure that we reduce on the temptation for youth to seek employment abroad” the kabaka has explained.

After the speech, the kabaka has proceeded out for other official duties as the Lukiiko continues.

By Joshua Mutale